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How Can You Get Hot Seat in KBC Season 13?

Getting KBC Hot Seat is everyone’s dream living in India. KBC is an extremely popular game show where you can win up to 7 crores. So, everyone wants to get the hot seat at KBC to play with Amitabh Bachchan. There are 4 stages or rounds that you have to pass before qualifying for the final KBC hot Seat to become KBC Lucky Winner

Round 1: At Sony TV Channel and through the SonyLiv application, several questions are asked from viewers. You can answer them through SMS or SonyLiv App. KBC management will pick up the random persons from the ones whose answers are correct. 

Round 2: In this round, KBC will ask questions and some personal information from the qualifying persons of the first round. If you give the right answers at this stage also, then you can go for the third round.

Round 3: KBC will come to the participants of round 3 for an online audition. Through the SonyLiv application, you have to give a general knowledge test by logging in to it. And after that, through a video call, you have to give your introduction to the KBC. 

Round 4: If you pass all three rounds then you have to face the final round before reaching KBC hot seat. In this round, you will give a face-to-face personal interview to Amitabh Bachchan. The one who passes this round will play with Amitabh Bachchan on the hot seat to win up to 7 crores. 

KBC Head Office—Official Numbers

KBC is introducing safer ways to protect people from getting scammed. For all the lottery winners either from the previous season or from the new one, you can get authentic information regarding your lottery from our official website. You can Check KBC Lottery Online through our website. Furthermore, from our official website, you can get our head office numbers. 

In the name of Kaun Banega Karodpati Lottery (KBC Lottery) people are scamming innocent people. So, we urge you to only believe in calls and SMS that are official. KBC Head Office has its official number that is 0019152084400. Besides this, we have our official Whatsapp contact number . Other than these two head office numbers, we do not possess other calling IDs. Besides these two, all other IDs are fake and scamming people. We have our main head office in Delhi. Except for this, we are also having offices in Mumbai and Kolkata.

Contact us at our official calling ID is the simplest and safest way to get authentic information. We have increased our security system to safe people from scams. Therefore, we are urging people to contact our head office in case of any calls you are receiving other than our official numbers in the name of KBC. 

KBC Head Office Numbers






KBC Head Office Number 0019152084400

All India Sim Card Whatsapp Lucky Draw - Important Announcement for All KBC Customers

There are many scammers who are doing fraud in the name of All India Sim Card Whatsapp Lucky Draw game. Are you afraid of scammers and don’t know who should you believe? As you know that there are so many scammers who send SMS, Calls, Whatsapp Messages and tell you that you have Won KBC WhatsApp Lottery please do not believe them. You can recognize scammers very easily because they will contact you and demand for deposit money in their personal account. This is the only Official Website and all other Websites on KBC Names are fake. So, you should contact on this KBC Head Office 0019152084400 immediately and submit your report against scammers, we’ll take serious action against them.

You, also need to know that there are some Pakistani Numbers like (923******, +923*****) who fraud with innocent people. We want to protect you from all those scammers so, please do not listen to them and contact KBC Head Office 0019152084400 immediately. If you don’t have a credit on your Sim Card then, you can also contact KBC Head Office WhatsApp . We are not responsible if you contact with any wrong person. Participate in All India Sim Card Whatsapp Lucky Draw and secure your future with us.

Benefits of contacting through KBC Head Office Numbers

  • If you contact us through official head office numbers, then you can get only authentic information regarding your KBC Lottery Check
  • Other than getting authentic information, your hands will also be on the latest and recent news relating to the lottery and winner’s list. 
  • Besides our given official numbers, if you receive a call or SMS from any other number and the person claims of speaking from KBC, will be a scammer. If he tells you that you have won a prize at KBC, never believe him. 
  • If you have access to our real numbers then you must know that calls coming from +923 are fake. Do not respond to such calls at any cost. 
  • Try to avoid opening any site or link if a random person asks you to do so through your mobile phone. KBC Lucky Draw Winners have a common trait that they never believe in such random calls and fake SMS. 


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KBC WhatsApp Lottery – IMO KBC Head Office Number

If you are looking for KBC Official Website or KBC WhatsApp Lottery Lucky Draw then you are at the place! If you face any issue or you need any information related to KBC Lottery then please contact KBC Head Office Number 2024 0019152084400. We’ll be happy to help in resolving your issues. If you don’t have credit on Sim Card, you can also contact on KBC WhatsApp Number .

Please keep in mind that this is the only KBC Official Website and all other websites on KBC Name are fake so don’t believe any information you receive through SMS, Calls, WhatsApp Messages. They are all scammers who fraud with innocent Indian people. We will not be responsible if you contact with any wrong persons. You can also contact KBC Helpline Number 2024 0019152084400.

Process of checking your lottery status

Visit our official website thoroughly. Open KBC Lottery Number Check Online PortalAdd your KBC lottery number and mobile number to the portal. Then click the check button to confirm your status. If your name appears to be on the winners’ list then make a call at our official head office number. Our representative will tell you about your lottery status for confirmation. Do not believe any scam call or SMS. Our official head office number is 0019152084400 for SIM callers while for Whatsapp calls, our number is . After confirmation, you have to follow the procedure that our officials told you’re through calls or from our head office. Do not fall prey to any scammer. Always get information from KBC Office Phone Number 0019152084400 so you can protect yourself from scammers.