Big B is blown away by the amusing conversation of one of the contestants

The megastar Amitabh Bachchan, who is presently seen hosting the quiz-based reality programme “Kaun Banega Crorepati 14,” expressed that he had a great time chatting with the competitor Bhupendra Choudhary. All India Sim Card Lucky Draw Winner 2024 will get huge amount if he answers are questions correctly.

The 37-year-old Bhupendra Chaudhary, who is employed as a Programme Executive in the N.M. Sadguru water and development foundation, provided the host with information of his city.

In addition to being a part of the Sagar district in Madhya Pradesh, he said, “Khurai is a tehsil which has the potential to become the 53rd district of Madhya Pradesh.” The Sagar district is located in Madhya Pradesh. There are two or three things that are particularly well-known in Khurai. The first is the agricultural execution, which is outstanding, and it has gained quite a bit of notoriety in India.

“The second item is wheat, and the third item is the Dohela temple, where the Dohela festival is conducted annually on Makar Sankranti. There is a place named Aeran that is 30–40 kilometres away, and it is there where the origins of culture and tradition can be found.

There are only two notable Bhuppens in Khurai, he said: “The winner is Bhupendra Choudhary, who also is seated in front of you, and our MLA is Bhupendra Singh, who is a Minister.” Bhupendra Choudhary, the man before you, is the last man standing.

Big B admired his quick wit and positive disposition after hearing how he mentioned himself among all of the well-known things in Khurai.

Furthermore, he disclosed to Big B that during his time at college, his peers frequently drew comparisons between himself and the actor Shah Rukh Khan.

Because of the resemblance between my figure and haircut and that of the Bollywood celebrity Shah Rukh Khan, numerous of my female college students began calling me “Shah Rukh Khan” about 2004 or 2005. To this day, I have no idea whether or not they will make fun of me because that is their angle.

He also inquired as to whether or not the host had ever compared him to any of the celebrities throughout his time as a student, to which the host said that he had never been compared to anyone.

What Events Took Place During The Episode?

During the course of the programme, Amitabh Bachchan inquired about Ruchi’s family name. She expressed her opinion that our given names, rather than our family names, should serve as our identifying factor. Since I was a child, people have called me Ruchi. In response to this, Big B explained where the family name “Bachchan” came from. As he put it, “My grandpa had no wish to be confined by the confines of caste. His pen name was the Bachchan branch of his family name. When I was applying to elementary school, the educator asked my parents what they planned to use for my last name. It was at that time that my father made the snap decision that Bachchan would be my family name. I am the earliest documented member of the Bachchan family.”

After on, Ruchi discussed fasting on Karwa Chauth and mentioned that even her husband abstained from food for her sake on that day. Big B admitted in an interview that in the past, he has also fasted for his wife Jaya Bachchan on the Hindu holiday of Karwa Chauth. However, he did not continue for much longer. Big B replied, “Shuroo shuroo mai ham bhi rakhty the, phr chhod diye.”


The fourteenth season of KBC began airing on Sunday, August 7th. Big B was seen in the first episode of the show welcoming notable celebrities, who then took turns sitting in the “hotseat” and playing the game. Special guests at the show included Aamir Khan, sports legends like Mary Kom and Sunil Chhetri, Major DP Singh, India’s first Blade Runner, and Mithali Madhumita, the first female officer to win the Gallantry Award. Other notable guests included India’s first Blade Runner and India’s first Blade Runner.

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The Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) team has been hosting these kinds of events where participants may grow resentful of playing these lottery-focused activities for a few seasons now. We are aware of how well-liked KBC is as a TV program. Players from all over the nation travel to Mumbai to participate in the game and compete for cash prizes based on their performance in the show’s test of general knowledge and current events. However, there aren’t many people who can actually attend the shoe and earn money. Because of this, the organizers came up with the idea of creating the Jio Lottery Winners so that millions of people all around the country could join in the excitement.

For us, the 2024 season was a huge success. The reward pool was increased as it attracted millions of participants from all over the country. The pooled amount of money, which was 7 crore rupees (INR) each and every month, was 25 lakh rupees (INR) for the winner. A 15-day window is provided for people to register with the KBC headquarters. The winner’s list is then revealed. It should be noted that the contest’s registration process was quite easy, allowing a great number of people to participate.

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