JIO Lottery Registration Latest Episode and New Updates

Latest Episode of the KBC and New Updates

The hot show Kon Banega Crorepati (KBC) is back with more viewership. All over the world and specifically in India this is considered as the crowd-pleaser show JIO Lottery Registration. Fans get insane over this popular game show due to its different style. So, everyone long for to win a chance to sit on the very popular hot seat. Hence, it is certainly about luck and faith in the goodness of happenings in your life.

You can surely make it possible to be a contestant of the KBC Game Show. So, all you have to practice in this scenario of the game show is patience and calmness of mind. Therefore, you have to be very wakeful in all courses of the game show. You may log on to the official website of the JIO Lottery Registration or for getting the details. So, do not pay heed to any scam in this integral journey of becoming a millionaire.

The bar has been raised again with this new season of the KBC game show. People have got crazy over this new season of the game show due to its huge popularity. Moreover, the unique style of the show also pulls the eyes of the viewers towards the channel. So, sony TV gets high TRPs because people feel amazing to watch this show of money. You can for a certain look for details related to All India Sim Card Lucky Draw 2021 on the website and their application.

A Fun-filled Episode of the KBC Game Show, 2021

After immense TRPs, the bar is just going high. Every episode of the KBC Game Show becomes very well-liked and top-rated every passing day. So, like all such previous episodes, the 33rd episode of the KBC game show was filled with fun and laughter. The audience enjoyed that to peak as always they do previously.

Chirag Mandot made his appearance as the first contestant of the 33rd episode of the KBC game show. He failed to conquer the money more than 6.4lac. So, he quit in the middle of the KBC Game Show and catch his way home. After that, an assistant professor from Pune, i.e. Rashami Kadam made her way to the hot seat.

Internally, Rashami was very much enthusiastic to win the game. She looked well composed and confident in winning the money to the maximum. She also exposed that at the time of her childhood, she did a prank on the name of the Big B. through calls. Moreover, she kept talking to Amitabh Bachchan during the entire game show. The night was so much fun and filled with information regarding current affairs. You can get question details on the official website of the KBC game show. Or just log on to for comprehensive details.

Rashami Made Her Way To Home After Winning 12.5 lac

Everything was going well until she failed to answer the next question on the KBC game show. Rashami Kadam was playing with a passion to win the money. But, the game is more of luck and knowledge than the heart. So, she failed to qualify for more money after winning 12.5 lac.

So, she has done some struggle to make her happening to the show. She qualified after doing the KBC JIO Lottery Registration, 2021. So, her journey went to an end when an unknown question popped up on the screen. She did not know the accurate answer at the spot while playing the Kbc game show.

Hence, the wrong answer makes her way back to the home from the KBC set. But, the optimistic thing was her energy and her confident nature in the entire show. She played like a winning lady and everyone enjoyed the chit-chat of her with Big B. Her father was also there with her on the set of the KBC game show.

He also talked to Amitabh Bachchan and told him that he has been done a job with him. Big B. get amazing to hearing it from him in the show. Then, they talked about the old times of the last decade and the working style at that time. At the end of the show, Divya took the hot seat but time was no more for the show. So, the contestant Divya will play surely in the 34th episode of the KBC game show. Hence, you can check out for the current inside information about the show.

Jio Lottery Winner 2021
Jio Lottery Winner 2021

New Updates Regarding The JIO Lottery Registration

Season 13 has become an immensely favorite like other seasons of the KBC Game Show. Some little bit of changes has been made in this latest and popular addition to the show. Now, the Friday episode is called ‘Shandar shukarvar’. So, the rest is almost the same just like the previous seasons of the KBC game show.

The process for the JIO Lottery Registration, 2021 was quite simple and different from previously. They started it at the start of the summer season and the finalists made their way to the show. Consciously, they did the entire process and scanning and registering. So, the officials always wanted to do convenient for the public in playing the game show. You can get fresh details and updates on the official website of the KBC game show. Moreover, by logging on to you can reach out to authentic stuff regarding the KBC game show.

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