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kbc sim card lucky draw and help line numbers

How You Can Get Into KBC game show?

Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) is the most famous Indian game show. So, by getting the hot seat over there, you can win up to 7 crores. There is a complete system of getting into it. Firstly, you have to get register for it. After selection from the jury, you will reach the last level. And the last level of this process is an interview. So, you will have a final interview with Amitabh Bachchan, the host of the show JIO KBC Lottery . You will get the hot seat after it. If you pass the final step, then you can become the winner of KBC.

JIO KBC Lottery

JIO KBC Lottery is a huge opportunity. So for sure, everyone in India wants to be a part of it. The good news for you all in this regard is, you can be a part of it very easily. JIO KBC office has made the process so simple. They have associated all the sim cards with the lottery. Therefore, if you have a registered Indian sim card then you have a chance to win this lottery. You just have to stay patient and pray for your luck. If you would be lucky enough then surely you will win the lucky draw. You can stay updated by checking the official website or

Need Guidance..? Contact Us!

Although the process is quite simple if you are confused you can surely contact us. We are open to you all the time. You can reach us through our KBC head office number i.e. 0019152084400. If you find any sort of inconvenience during the entire process, let us know at our official number. Over there you can also share your queries regarding the lucky draw. So, now you do not need to get worried. You can avail this big opportunity with comfort!

Apart from the KBC official number, you can also contact us at our head offices. We are holding three main head offices. The details and contact numbers of all these are given next:

  • KBC Head Office Number Mumbai (+19188444477)
  • KBC Head Office Number Kolkata (+19188444476)
  • Delhi KBC Head Office Number  (+19188444475)

Other than the above-mentioned main offices, we do not hold the rest. So, make sure to contact only the authentic officials. Or reach us through official website or stay updated through The rest are just spam!

Reach Us Through WhatsApp:

Oh, no credit in the sim..? No need to get worried! To make the entire process easier, you can contact us through WhatsApp.

KBC office WhatsApp number is . You can reach us any time through this official WhatsApp number. So, now you can avail this opportunity without any hindrance. We are there for your guidance all the time. You can call us or text us to discuss the queries. You can also get updates through Believe in your luck, because you can be the next winner of the JIO KBC lottery!

Jio Lottery Winner 2021
Jio Lottery Winner 2021

KBC Official Helpline

In addition to the previously mentioned contact numbers, you can also contact us directly through our helpline. We have a direct helpline for your sudden inconveniences. If you get any sort of trouble during the entire process, you can reach us through the helpline. The KBC Helpline number is 009197097959. You can also get any sort of information related to the JIO KBC Lottery from here. We will make sure to satisfy your concerns related to the whole process.

Avoid Scammers!

Every day people get scam by the name of KBC. Be aware of such traps! If anyone is saying any such things do not believe. Only respond to the official numbers. Do not give any kind of information on the name of KBC if you get a call from random numbers. Moreover, stay away from fraudulent advertisements. We only contact through our official numbers.

Moreover, you can get pieces of information at for kbc sim card lucky draw 2021. In addition to this, do not visit any head office other than our main ones. The rest are fake! If you get confused with any scam, visit us! You can reach us through our official website and official helpline. You can also reach us through the KBC official contact number and WhatsApp number. Avoid scammers and only get information through official sources.

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